Puzzle Park

Puzzle Park 2.78

Puzzle Park takes you to a ride through a beautiful park full of adventures!
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Black Blob Studios

Puzzle Park is an awesome puzzle game with a classic match-3 gameplay, with lots of adventures features developed by iWin Inc. This great puzzle game takes you to a wonderful park, full of bright colors, candies, toys, and lots of other items, where you have to make your way through tropical islands, scary castles, and more to finally get to a beautiful iceberg.
With a classic match-3 mechanics, this puzzle game is very easy to play. You have to connect in a row three or more matching objects to make all the dark tiles look brighter.
There is a great variety of power-ups and bonus items, which make the game more exciting. Once you have lighten up all the tiles in the grid, you are ready to access the following level. There are lots of levels, each one with a new adventure and a higher challenge.
The graphics and the animations in the game are superbly done, the designs are detailed and one of the most interesting things is the map, that allows you to have a 360º view of the park, which is really cool. The music is great, as well as its sound effects. You can play it in windowed or full screen mode and you can also choose from a number or different cursors. Puzzle Park is a great game, non violent, suitable for all ages and definitely worth trying. It will surely keep you busy for long hours!

Mariel Rearte
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  • Easy to play
  • Entertaining
  • Non-violent
  • Suitable for all ages


  • Trial version is limited to 60 minutes
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